Business Development

This area includes all the activities and processes aimed at achieving the company business growth, regardless of the go-to-market model used.

To that end, ServicePro Italy adopts a Multidisciplinary Approach that applies specific methodologies and evaluates detailed strategies for driving business development activities and initiatives;  by adding to this practice the right amount of creativity, ServicePro Italy enables its Customers to better tackle the new and everlasting market challenges.

Each activity is accurately analysed, personalized and deployed in order to help the Customer to maintain and increase his business. Customized marketing campaigns, targeted presentations and meetings will generate contacts and establish C-Level relationships, enabling the Customer to leverage new opportunities within the Large Enterprise, Mid and SMB markets.

ServicePro Italy effectively helps the Customer to maximize Marketing Investments (whether addressed to End Customers or in collaboration with the relevant Channel Partners) aimed at developing joint targets while creating synergies between the organization and the resources (budget) of the players involved.

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT FOR SMBs, SMB, Mid-Market and Large Enterprise (Direct and Channel)

  • Business Intelligence activities focused on market analysis and development opportunities;
  • Lead generation and subsequent Follow-Up activities;
  • Initiatives aimed at developing and consolidating the Customer base;
  • Plans to increase and consolidate C-Level Relationships;
  • Campaigns and Events aimed at generating interest about new ads;
  • Maximization of Marketing Investments for the development of joint targets;
  • Synergies between Vendors and  Key Partners - Strategic Alliances