Channel Recruitment

Boasting an in-depth knowledge of the Channel and of its main dynamics, ServicePro Italy provides the Customer with an effective support for the development and launch of joint marketing activities. By paying particular attention to Partner requirements on the one hand and to Vendor guidelines on the other hand, this collaboration ensures the achievement of common revenue objectives.

An expert team and a straightforward, simple and effective methodology, enable ServicePro Italy to proactively work with Vendors and Partners, while understanding market requirements, maintaining a practical approach, consistent with the current economic situation and, last but not least, leveraging local opportunities.

All the above is constantly underpinned by an accurate, timely and efficient execution of all the end-to-end phases related to the co-marketing process; the constant interaction between the team and the players involved ensures a complete and detailed reporting of all activities.


  • Initiatives with Vendors and relevant Distributors aimed at developing the Reseller base and/or the Indirect Sales Network, as well as at recruiting new resources;
  • Design and Promotion of specific Partner Programs  targeted to Channel engagement and loyalty practices;
  • Roadshows for commercial and technical Trainings;
  • Sales&Marketing communication targeted to the Channel;
  • Meeting for updating and issuing certificates related to skill and competence development of  Resellers .
  • Support for the Management of MDF/Coop Funds and Policy Verification.